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Air Conditioning Installation

Whether you're having air conditioning installed for the first time, adding new units to your home or office or replacing an old unit, Parsons Industries can organise it all for you. We stock a wide range of split system and ducted Air Conditioners and the latest in Home automation, AirTouch4. We also specialise in larger commercial Air Conditioning installation, service & repairs.

Split Systems VS. Ducted Systems

Split System units are wall mounted & are a great solution for cooling & heating individual rooms or offices. Even if you have multiple units throughout your home, each unit is controlled independently to allow you to set the optimal temperature. If a room isn’t being used, the system can simply be turned off to save energy.

Ducted systems are installed in the ceiling of your property to cool or heat multiple rooms throughout the home or office. Air flows through ductworks in the ceiling allowing it to be directed to different rooms/zones. Nowadays there are multiple different control options, including the integration of Amazon's Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

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